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Per the Association of American Medical Colleges, “mistreatment either intentional or unintentional occurs when behavior shows disrespect for the dignity of others and unreasonably interferes with the learning process. Examples of mistreatment include sexual harassment; discrimination or harassment based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation; humiliation; psychological or physical punishment; and the use of grading and other forms of assessment in a punitive manner.”

Additional examples of mistreatment, as identified by IU School of Medicine, include being denied opportunities, receiving lower evaluations or grades, or being subjected to offensive remarks based on ability status, veteran status, age or pregnancy.

2023 Mistreatment Annual Report

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File a Report

Use the Mistreatment Incident Report Form to alert IU School of Medicine authorities about a case of mistreatment.

Reporting Mistreatment

IU School of Medicine students or faculty who believe they’ve experienced or witnessed mistreatment are strongly encouraged to report it. The primary and preferred method of reporting mistreatment is through the IU School of Medicine Mistreatment Incident Report Form. Appropriate institutional authorities are automatically alerted when this form is submitted, enabling the School to respond in a rapid and systematic manner. Depending on the nature of the account and preference of the learner, the situation may be addressed at a later date to avoid any learner concerns about further disruptions to the learning environment. Explore the process for reporting a mistreatment incident.

Other options for raising concerns about mistreatment are available, including adding comments on course or clerkship evaluations, contacting the IU School of Medicine Ombuds Office, and contacting the IU Indianapolis Office of Institutional Equity.

Mistreatment Reporting FAQs