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With more than 60 academic departments and specialty divisions across nine campuses and strong clinical partnerships with Indiana’s most advanced hospitals and physician networks, Indiana University School of Medicine is continuously advancing its mission to prepare healers and transform health in Indiana and throughout the world.

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2023: A year of advancements in education, innovation and Hoosier health

IU School of Medicine launched its 2030 Strategic Plan in spring 2023 and is celebrating achievements in the three pillars: Maximize learner success statewide; Accelerate discovery and clinical translation; and Improve health and wellness of the people of Indiana and beyond.

IU School of Medicine  |  Dec 07, 2023

October 2023 Research Awards

October 2023 Research Awards

IU School of Medicine  |  Dec 04, 2023

Search underway for assistant dean for curriculum, Phase 2

IU School of Medicine Medical Student Education is now accepting applications for assistant dean for curriculum, Phase 2. The assistant dean is responsible for leadership and oversight of ongoing clinical science curricular design, implementation, management and supervision of program and course evaluation and assessment of student learning outcomes for the statewide, integrated and competency-based curriculum in Phase 2 of the curriculum, consisting of the required clinical clerkships. 

IU School of Medicine  |  Nov 29, 2023

Dr. Amir Hajrasouliha Receives 2023 Falk Trust Catalyst Award

Dr. Amir Hajrasouliha Receives 2023 Falk Trust Catalyst Award. Congratulations on this prestigious recognition!

IU School of Medicine  |  Nov 28, 2023

IU School of Medicine is participating in the Trauma and Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (TAP) Trial

Bleeding out is the most common cause of preventable death after injury. We are participating in an international study to see if a blood clotting drug, given soon after arrival in the emergency department, can improve survival.

IU School of Medicine  |  Nov 21, 2023

Center for Medical Genomics onboards new Xenium tool for omics research

The Center for Medical Genomics at Indiana University School of Medicine has recently added the 10x Genomics Xenium to their fleet of instruments to support medical researchers. Xenium is a new instrument, recently launched by 10x Genomics, that enables transcriptomic analysis at a subcellular level while maintaining spatial context, opening major pathways in disease treatment and biomarker identification. 

IU School of Medicine  |  Nov 17, 2023

Apply by December 22 for PRIME and INPACT grants

The Primary Care Reaffirmation for Indiana Medical Education (PRIME) and the Indiana Primary Care Advancement in Clinical Training (INPACT) grants are funded through the Health Resources & Services Administration and housed in the IU School of Medicine Office of Medical Student Education. 

IU School of Medicine  |  Nov 08, 2023

What is the Clinician Cluster Recruitment Initiative?

Q&A: Chief Diversity Officer Chemen Neal answers questions about the Clinician Cluster Recruitment Initiative.

IU School of Medicine  |  Nov 02, 2023

September 2023 Research Awards

September 2023 Research Awards

IU School of Medicine  |  Oct 30, 2023

IU Cardiovascular Medicine faculty to present new CCS classification of Acute MI: CCS-AMI

Clinical Investigators from the Krannert Cardiovascular Research Center at the Indiana University School of Medicine will present an introduction into a groundbreaking classification by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society regarding acute myocardial infarction during Vascular 2023 at 8:30 am EDT, Sunday, Oct. 29, at the Palais, 518 ABC, in Montréal, Canada. KCVRC Executive Director Rohan Dharmakumar, MS, PhD, is co-chairing the session and speaking on the CCS-AMI along with cardiologist, Keyur Vora, MD, MS, FACC, assistant research professor of medicine at the IU School of Medicine, who will present on CCS-AMI clinical case series.  

IU School of Medicine  |  Oct 25, 2023