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IU Talk

Even for the skilled communicator, sharing news about a serious illness or discussing treatments that patients may be hesitant to undertake presents challenges for providers. These difficult conversations span from everyday conversation to end-of-life discussions. Improving these interactions has the benefit of improving patient-provider trust and collaboration.

IU talk is an interactive, immersive communication skills course focusing on difficult discussions with patients and their families. IU Talk recognizes that there is no foolproof recipe for these conversations, and clinicians need a toolbox of skills to have difficult conversations.

IU Talk is a series of sessions that can be undertaken sequentially in half day increments or combined into a comprehensive two- or three-day workshop. It is geared toward clinicians and advanced practice providers and the sessions can be geared toward any medical specialty.

To date, we have trained fellows and advanced practice providers in critical care medicine, hematology-oncology, pediatric critical care, surgical critical care and cardiology. We have also trained faculty in oncology, breast oncology, critical care medicine, primary care and pediatrics.

Objectives of IU Talk Sessions

Over the course of the IU Talk session, learners will be able to:

  • Recognize the role of emotion in conversations regarding serious medical news for patients and families
  • Use effective empathic responses to help support patients and families
  • Diffuse conflict and align medical care to patient values and goals without acceding to demands for inappropriate therapies

For information or to schedule an IU Talk session, please contact Cindy Dance at 317-278-5579,