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Planning and evaluation of the MD program at IU School of Medicine includes course and instructor evaluations, learner surveys and more.

Planning and Evaluation

IU School of Medicine systematically monitors and investigates the educational needs and experiences of medical students through robust program evaluation processes administered by the Medical Student Education team. Insight gained from program evaluation tools is shared with the school’s faculty and administration to further improve the quality and impact of the MD curriculum. For inquiries relating to IU School of Medicine program evaluation processes, email the PAE team.

Teaching Support for Faculty

Beyond gathering, analyzing and disseminating data, IU School of Medicine provides resources and support to faculty, utilizing findings to improve teaching and foster student learning at IU School of Medicine.

Teaching Resources

Statewide Course and Instructor Evaluations

These evaluations provide a platform for students to comment on the school’s learning environment and suggest improvements for future medical students. IU School of Medicine administers all student evaluations in MedHub. Evaluation reports can be accessed through this system. This data is used to recognize faculty who receive exemplary scores and to provide feedback.

Medical Colleges Graduation Questionnaire (AAMC GQ)

At the end of the fourth year in medical school, students take the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) GQ, a summative evaluation, and this 30-minute evaluation provides valuable information to medical schools. Responses to questionnaire items raise important concerns and possible solutions and also highlight a school’s strengths and weaknesses. This survey is anonymous, meaning that no personally identifiable information is collected. Students are given the option to release this identifiable information back to IU School of Medicine for further analysis.

Learner Surveys

The Office of Curricular Affairs at IU School of Medicine annually gathers assessment data on the performance of graduates during their first year in residency using the PGY-1 Survey, an instrument administered to program directors of graduates. This instrument and the administration process were updated to align core items with IU School of Medicine Core Competencies and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) competencies.

A companion instrument to the PGY-1 Survey was developed and administered to graduates during their first year in residency in order to identify differences in perceptions between graduates and their program directors. And similar competency-based instruments were developed and administered to third-year medical students and preceptors as well as third-year graduates and their program directors. These instruments allow the school to examine the performance of students, differences in perceptions, and self-reported gains over time. Findings are reviewed during annual committee retreats to identify strengths and weaknesses of the current and new curriculum.