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Clerkship Student Assessment

Medical students in the Ob/Gyn clerkship are evaluated based on clinical performance and exam scores as well as administrative tasks.

Ob/Gyn Clinical EvaluationsClinical Evaluations

Representing 45 percent of a student’s total score in the clerkship, clinical evaluation is based on the preceptor evaluation of the student’s clinical skills and level of competence in each of the six competencies of the MD Curriculum. The preceptor evaluation is also used to calculate the number of points a student earns for clinical performance. Students are evaluated using the standardized IU School of Medicine online evaluation form. Evaluation requests are sent by email from the E*Value system.

End of the rotation evaluation forms are solicited from both residents (if applicable) and faculty and are given equal weight. Evaluation forms are weighted by “amount of time spent” with the student as stated by the preceptor. Evaluation requests are sent to preceptors at the end of the rotation. When all performance evaluations have been completed, the numeric scores are averaged and used to determine the total number of points earned for clinical evaluations.

To prepare for this assessment, students receive a sample evaluation form in the clerkship orientation packet at the beginning of the rotation, and this form describes the evaluation criteria that will be used to evaluate their performance.

NBME OB / Gyn Subject ExamNBME Obstetrics and Gynecology Subject exam

Representing 45 percent of a student’s total score in the Ob/Gyn clerkship, the NBME Obstetrics and Gynecology Subject exam is taken during the final days of the rotation. Students must score a minimum of 58 to pass the NBME exam. To qualify for Honors, students must score at or above the rotation average. To be eligible for High Pass, students must score no more than one standard deviation below the group average.

To prepare for this exam, students should follow the Reading Syllabus and complete readings on all topics in the recommended textbooks. Use of the uWise sample question bank is highly recommended. Participation in all available clinical activities is also extremely important in preparing to pass the NBME exam. The NBME Exam score is used to determine total number of points earned for the exam.

Administrative tasks

The remaining 10 percent of the total score for the Ob/Gyn clerkship is made up of points earned for administrative compliance, which includes timely submission of the required forms and logs. The full list of these items is included in the Orientation packet.

Mid-Rotation Feedback

Students receive an email during the second week of the rotation with the Mid-Rotation form included as an attachment and the deadline for submission. The Mid-Rotation feedback forms include two sections consisting of the self-assessment (completed by the student) and a preceptor feedback (completed by one faculty or resident). Each student is responsible for scheduling a short in-person meeting with the preceptor for a discussion of the feedback form, goals and expectations as well as any questions or concerns about the clerkship. Mid-Rotation Feedback forms must be submitted to the Statewide Clerkship Coordinator before the stated deadline.