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Graduates from the Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency at IU School of Medicine practice obstetrics and gynecology in many different subspecialties all over the world.


Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology residency graduates practice obstetrics and gynecology in many different sub-specialties all over the world. The experience residents receive at IU School of Medicine helps them provide exceptional clinical care for women as well as research new methods of treatment and diagnosis for a variety of conditions.  


Elizabeth, Mazzone, MD“I knew I was interested in being a generalist, so I was looking for a residency that would not only prepare me to excel in that respect, but also would train me to be knowledgeable and comfortable with our various sub-specialties. IU School of Medicine offered the perfect balance for me! I'm now practicing at Community Health Network's Community South Hospital in Indianapolis. While starting a new job will always be stressful, I took comfort in knowing that I had such a solid base of knowledge and skills thanks to my training through IU.” 
-Elizabeth Mazzone, MD, class of 2019


Brittany Johnson, MD"I was initially drawn to IU School of Medicine for the vast educational opportunities available by working at multiple clinical sites in downtown Indianapolis. My interactions with the enthusiastic team of faculty educators ultimately made me choose IU for residency. The faculty, and especially the generalist group, prepared me for my current general OB-GYN practice by modeling compassionate and dedicated up-to-date patient care. I continue to receive meaningful mentorship from my IU faculty as I embark on this path of lifelong learning and practice as a generalist on the south side of Indianapolis." 
-Brittany Johnson, MD, class of 2017

Paul Mayor, MD“When I came for my interview, the program demonstrated a warm and welcoming environment where I felt I would be well supported no matter what I decided to do with my career as an OB-GYN. I felt a strong sense of mentorship from the administration and also recognized that this program would provide me with excellent clinical skills to excel as an OB-GYN. IU School of Medicine helped place me into a fellowship in gynecologic oncology, which is allowing me to practice in my current setting and do what I love to do. Without the mentorship at IU School of Medicine, I don’t know that I would have recognized gynecologic oncology as a career path for me and for that I will be forever grateful. I now practice in the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at IU School of Medicine and I’m hoping to provide similar mentorship to the residents just like I had when I was a resident here.” 
-Paul Mayor, MD, MS, class of 2015


Melissa Paulen, MD, MPH"I was drawn to the program at IU because of the people. They were welcoming, encouraging, and supportive during the interview process and throughout my entire residency experience. When life happens during residency, these were the people I wanted with me to celebrate, cry, laugh, and have each other's back. I feel so fortunate to have made lifelong friends and mentors among my fellow residents as well as the faculty. Training at IU prepared me for private practice, fellowship, or a career in academics by giving me a strong skill set in obstetrics and gynecology, many opportunities for research and advocacy, and exposure to a variety of patient populations. You will be ready for whatever path you want to take after 4 years with IU. Coming to IU was one of the best decisions of my life."
-Melissa Paulen, MD, MPH, class of 2018


Lexie Morales, MD"I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to train and graduate from IU School of Medicine's OB-GYN program. The skills learned throughout the years of residency are now proving invaluable. For example, appreciating the value and importance of evidence-based medicine to guide your practice. Working in teams during residency has improved my ability to multitask and to communicate with various specialties in a concise and effective manner. Having the opportunity to scrub with various residents and staff has provided me with confidence and flexibility in the operating room. Lastly, I know I can always reach out to a staff member or former resident for guidance or emotional support during my early years of this 'Big Girl Job.'" 
-Lexie Morales, MD, class of 2019


Niloufar Ehsani Ahmad, MD"I am thankful to IU's OBGYN program not only for an exceptional education, but also for caring about my wellness as a person. This residency strives to involve residents in decision-making, listens to their voices and works hard to meet their needs all while providing premier surgical training and prioritizing patient advocacy, resident diversity and issues of justice within the community."
-Niloufar Ehsani Ahmad, MD, class of 2019

Where Our Residents Go After Graduation

OB-GYN Alumni Map

  • Ruby Benn, MD – Huntersville, NC
  • Kundai Crites, DO – Indiana University, MFM Fellowship – Indianapolis, IN
  • Claire Edelman, MD – Private Practice – Fort Collins, CO
  • Sophie Green, MD – Thomas Jefferson University, MFM Fellow - Philadelphia, PA
  • Jessica Li, MD, MS – Private Practice – Los Gatos, CA
  • Alexandra (Allie) Mahdasian-Miller, MD – Vanderbilt University Medical Center, MFM Fellowship – Nashville, TN
  • Nicole (Niki) Minalt, MD – University of Oklahoma, GYN ONC Fellowship – Oklahoma City, OK
  • Kelsey Pape, MD - Indiana University, MFM Fellowship – Indianapolis, IN
  • Sarah Scheidel, MD – Private Practice – Evansville, IN
  • Beatrice (Bea) Soderholm, DO - Private Practice – Avon, IN

  • Suwetha Amsavelu - Baylor College of Medicine, Academic Generalist – Houston, TX
  • Diana Baxter - MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, MFM Fellowship - Washington, DC
  • Amanda Boozalis – Indiana University, Generalist – Indianapolis, IN
  • Sarah Boudova - Thomas Jefferson university, MFM - Philadelphia, PA
  • Audrey Darwish - Women's Health Advantage - Fort Wayne, IN
  • Deena Elsahy - Indiana University, MIGS Fellowship – Indianapolis, IN
  • Sami Heywood – University of Illinois College of Medicine, Family Planning Fellowship – Chicago, IL
  • Sam Osteen - Southside OB/GYN (Axia Women’s Health) - Indianapolis, IN
  • Jasmine Soo – UCHealth, Generalist – Aurora, CO
  • Britney Tuskan - Ascension St. Vincent Kokomo, Generalist – Kokomo, IN

  • Michael Belmonte, MD – Denver, CO
  • Margaret Capobianco, MD – Orlando, FL
  • Jennifer Grasch, MD – Columbus, OH
  • Erin Jeffries, MD – Fishers, IN
  • Devin Jones, MD – Alburquerque, NM
  • Amanda Morgan, MD – Indiana University, Generalist – Indianapolis, IN
  • Monica Neuman, MD – Los Angeles, CA
  • Adrian Simien, DO – San Antonio, TX
  • Caitlin Thomas, MD – Louisville, KY
  • Luisa Vera, MD – Durham, NC
  • Kristen Waterbury, MD – St. Louis, MO

  • Katherine Ayo, MD: private practice in Abbeville, LA
  • Emma Balfanz, MD: academics at IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis, IN
  • Heather Benson, MD: private practice in Indianapolis, IN
  • Osman Chaudhry, MD: private practice in West Palm Beach, FL
  • Anna Guanzon, MD: female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery fellowship at IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis, IN
  • Jessica Healey, MD: private practice in Indianapolis, IN
  • Kristie Lou, MD: minimally invasive gynecologic surgery fellowship at Penn State University in Hummelstown, PA
  • Terrell Martin, MD: private practice in Sarasota, FL
  • Kristie Sutton, MD: private practice in Campbell, CA
  • Jenna Voirol, MD: private practice in Indianapolis, IN

  • Tondy Baumgartner, MD: private practice in Missoula, MT
  • Blair Dina, MD: private practice in Indianapolis, IN
  • Esther Kim, MD: academics at IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis, IN
  • Elizabeth Mazzone, MD: private practice in Indianapolis, IN
  • Guillermina Morales, MD: private practice in Sparks, NV
  • Alicia Schaffer, MD: private practice in Indianapolis, IN
  • Christina Ulibarri, MD: private practice in Santa Fe, NM
  • Sara Vrabec, MD: private practice in Loveland, CO
  • Renecia Watkins, MD: private practice in Gardena, CA
  • Niloufar Ahmad, MD: private practice in Indianapolis, IN

  • James Hobby, MD: private practice in St. Louis, MO
  • Neha Jeirath, MD: private practice in Cincinnati, OH
  • Jessica Kline, MD: academics in Louisville, KY
  • Mitchell Onslow, MD: maternal fetal medicine fellowship at University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Melissa Paulen, MD: family planning fellowship at University of Washington in Seattle, WA
  • Sarah Rose, MD: private practice in Silver Spring, MD
  • Maria Schmoll, MD: maternal fetal medicine fellowship at IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis, IN
  • Cyrita Taylor, MD: private practice in Waxhaw, NC
  • Emily TenBrink, MD: private practice in Indianapolis, IN
  • Amanda Underwood, MD: academics at IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis, IN

  • Whitney Alston, MD: private practice in Chicago, IL
  • Paula Durst, MD: private practice in Boise, ID
  • Taylor Hahn, MD: private practice in Fort Walton Beach, FL
  • Tyler Harvey, MD: private practice in Johnson City, TN
  • Brittany Johnson, MD: private practice in Indianapolis, IN
  • Emily LaSota, MD: private practice in Hinckley, OH
  • Elizabeth Michels, MD: private practice in Zionsville, IN
  • Tienne Randolph, MD: private practice in Indianapolis, IN
  • Abigail Vinson, MD: maternal fetal medicine fellowship at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR
  • Amira Zaid, MD: private practice in Davis, CA

Year Private Practice Fellowship Academic Generalist
2023 5 1 Gyn-Onc, 4 MFM 0
2022 5 1 MIGS, 2 MFM, 1 FP 2
2021 6 1 FP, 2 Gyn-Onc, 1 MFM 1
2020 7 1 MIGS, 1 FPMRS 1
2019 9   1
2018 5 2 MFM, 1 FP 2