Find information on clinical care in the Department of Ophthalmology at Indiana University School of Medicine, including Ophthalmology Subspecialties.

Clinical Care

Indiana University School of Medicine’s Department of Ophthalmology offers a wide range of ophthalmologic services, including comprehensive ophthalmology, corneal and external ocular disease treatment and procedures, specialized or primary care for glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, oculoplastics, optometry services and contact lens fittings, pediatric ophthalmology, adult strabismus, retina and vitreous treatments, therapies and procedures.

Looking for Patient Care?

To schedule an appointment with an IU School of Medicine ophthalmologist, please contact Indiana University Health at 317-944-2020.

Ophthalmology Subspecialties

The comprehensive ophthalmology service emphasizes preventative eye care for a broad range of eye problems, including diabetic eye care, glaucoma and diseases related to the aging eye. Cataract surgery for both routine and complicated cases as well as laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy is offered through this service. Faculty physicians practicing in comprehensive ophthalmology include Chi-Wah (Rudy) Yung, MDJennifer Eikenberry, MD; Kunal Suri, MD; and Victoria J. Miller, MD.

This service specializes in the treatment of corneal, periocular and external ocular diseases. Faculty-physicians also perform corneal transplantation and other anterior segment ocular surgeries. Particular interests of this service include infections and immunologic diseases of the anterior segment of the eye, tumors of the anterior eye, topical ophthalmic antimicrobial medications, adverse effects of topical ophthalmic medications, corneal and external-ocular manifestations of systemic disease and eye banking.

Faculty physicians practicing in corneal and external ocular disease include Shaohui Liu, MD, PhD.

Neuro-Ophthalmology detects and treats diseases of the optic nerve and brain that may damage one’s vision. This service also offers the diagnosis and management of diseases of the eye muscles and brain that may lead to double-vision, incontrollable jumping of the eyes (nystagmus) and other abnormal movements of the eyes.

Faculty physicians practicing in neuro-ophthalmology include Melissa Ko, MD, and Devin D. MacKay, MD.

The oculoplastics service specializes in the treatment of disorders affecting the eyelids, eye sockets and tear drainage systems. Eyelid surgery can address excessively droopy eyes (ptosis) to improve vision as well as cosmetic appearance. Orbital surgery can benefit patients with orbital fractures and orbital tumors. Faculty physicians practicing in oculoplastics include Hui Bae (Harold) Lee, MD.

The optometry and contact lens service specialize in managing ocular conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, red eyes, amblyopia and specialty contact lens fittings for irregular corneas, in addition to assisting patients to achieve optimum vision through routine exams, and prescribing glasses and contact lenses. Faculty optometrists include Amanda Gosch, OD; Melanie Pickett, ODSamantha Polster, OD; and Priya Joshi, OD.

The pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus service offers comprehensive medical and surgical care for all pediatric eye conditions as well as ocular realignment (eye muscle surgery) for adults. As the tertiary care referral center for the state of Indiana, this team provides specialized services for a wide variety childhood eye diseases including strabismus (eye misalignment), amblyopia (lazy eye), tear duct obstructions, ptosis (droopy eyelids), eye tumors (retinoblastoma), pediatric glaucoma and pediatric cataracts (including intraoclular lens implants). Services also include routine vision screening, refraction for glasses and the fitting of contact lenses for children. Faculty physicians practicing in pediatric ophthalmology include: David Plager, MD; Kathryn Haider, MD; Daniel Neely, MD; Gavin Roberts, MD; Heather Smith, MD; Derek Sprunger, MDApril Jones, OD; April Graves, ODCharline Boente, MD; Tyler Knight, MD; and Dana L. Donaldson, OD.

The retina and vitreous service specializes in diseases of the retina and vitreous. Faculty physicians perform all types of retina laser treatment, photodynamic therapy and other clinical outpatient procedures. Special interests of the service include medical problems such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, tumors and uveitis. Faculty physicians practicing in retina include Joseph Bogaard, PhD, MDAmir Hajrasouliha, MD and Denis Jusufbegovic, MD.

The glaucoma service sees a wide variety of patients for consultative and primary care for all forms of glaucoma. Current techniques and therapeutic approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma are utilized, including optic nerve and nerve fiber layer imaging, ocular blood flow testing and visual field analysis as well as new medical and surgical techniques. In addition, this service is actively engaged in glaucoma research. Faculty physicians practicing in glaucoma include Louis B. Cantor, MD, John T. Lind, MD, Massood Mohammadi, MD, and Richard M. Schroeder, MD