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These policies apply to the services and equipment provided by the IU School of Medicine Center for Electron Microscopy in Indianapolis.

  • Section Submitting Material

    Prospective users of the Center for Electron Microscopy (iCEM) can make an inquiry about future projects, either by email, phone or in person. Prospective clients can explore iCEM's fee schedule and set up a time to discuss the project in person with the center prior to providing specimens. Investigators should come to the meeting prepared with pertinent information relating to the specific project. At that time a request for specimen submission, including an estimate of costs for the project can be completed so clients and iCEM personnel are thoroughly familiar with the proposed project.

    This center's primary goal is to generate high-quality data using electron microscopy. Specimen quality is essential to this process, as without properly fixed and prepared specimens, it is impossible to generate good and interpretable images. It is this center's policy to review all protocols for incoming specimens and the center reserves the right to reject specimens and/or suggest necessary changes to aid in obtaining adequate and quality results.

  • Confidentiality, Data Analysis and Transfer

    Data will be accessible to the user(s) only. iCEM will not disclose data or confidential information belonging to the user(s) to any other person(s). Users must transfer their data and delete from the iCEM computer after each session. iCEM will provide space to store user data until user requests the data be deleted. If the user does not contact iCEM within 30 days of data acquisition, the data will be deleted by iCEM staff. While iCEM is committed to the confidentiality and privacy of its users, the center does not guarantee the security of any data stored onsite.

  • Conflict Resolution

    The Center for Electron Microscopy Director is responsible for resolving any concerns/issues including but not limited to services or data obtained within the iCEM, billing, authorship, and conflict of interest. Should a satisfactory resolution not be reached between the iCEM Director and the investigator(s), the iCEM Advisory Committee may be consulted.

  • Training

    Training will be provided with the goal of cultivating cryo-EM expertise in our community. Training for the use of electron microscope instruments will be carried out by the iCEM staff, as authorized by the iCEM Director. Equipment training may be requested by contacting iCEM. Hands-on access to the instrumentation will be based on the level of training and experience of each user. The Director will decide when and whether a trainee has sufficient knowledge and proficiency to be designated normal, advanced, or expert user. Please see the cryo-EM policies and protocols for more information.

  • Cost Recovery

    Users will be charged a small fee correlating to the type of instrument and service provided by iCEM. The cost to provide services to IUSM researchers at iCEM is much higher than the fees charged to the user. These additional costs not covered by iCEM user fees are defrayed by the Dean’s office. Data collection is the only fee-for-service that iCEM provides. Data processing (structure determination) can be provided as a collaboration but is not a service provided by the core. Users are expected to seek out this service outside of the core. Please contact the iCEM core for more information on help finding data processing services.

  • Prioritization

    All projects are completed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Publication Authorship Policy and Acknowledgement

    Authorship is not required for services provided by iCEM. However, any publications that result from data collected from iCEM must acknowledge the contributions provided by the center (see Acknowledgement policy). If your publication requires extra knowledge outside of iCEM’s standard operating procedures or requires significant intellectual input and method development, it is reasonable to include the iCEM staff as co-authors on the publication. This will be discussed and agree upon between the PI and iCEM director.

    Any work that results in publications from the use of the center should be appropriately acknowledged by adding the following statement: “This work was supported by the Center for Electron Microscopy (iCEM) at Indiana University School of Medicine.” Acknowledging the iCEM in publications is important for the iCEM to continue to receive funding and support your research needs. The iCEM requests notification of any publication/patent resulting in the work performed in or by the iCEM. Please also keep the core informed of the status of grants in which the use of the iCEM is proposed.

  • Payment Policy

    All users of the iCEM are expected to pay for the services provided by iCEM. An IU account number or a purchase order number (PO#) must be provided at the start of the service. Users will be billed through iLab after the completion of services and data collection.