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Pricing and Scheduling

Fees shown are for IU School of Medicine investigators; fees for outside investigators are double the IU School of Medicine rate.

Please contact Drew Brown for scheduling a sample drop-off or for questions about the Core.

Specimen and the corresponding order form(s) should be delivered to VanNuys Medical Science Building and placed on the bench opposite of the lab door (MS-5045G).

Samples should be stored in 70 percent ethanol (please do not submit samples in formalin) and properly cleaned/prepped, if applicable.

Samples will be processed on a “first come, first served” basis. The time required for sample turn around will depend on the type of preparation/staining requested, and the current work load at the Core.

Cryosection (can include H&E staining)

Cryosection (can include H&E staining) $5.00 per slide



Paraffin embedding $7.00 per cassette
Paraffin sectioning (up to 5 slides) $8.00 per cassette
Additional slides (up to 5 additional slides) $3.00 per cassette
Special sectioning (Serial sectioning, interval (step) sectioning, locating specific region, etc.) $3.00 per cassette


Paraffin Staining

H&E (included with paraffin embedding and sectioning) $1.50 per slide
Special stains (Masson’s trichrome, Periodic Acid Schiff, TRAP, Picro-sirius Red, etc.) $4.00 per slide
IHC / TUNEL (PI provides reagents) $12.50 per slide


MMA (Plastic) 

Plastic embedding – tubes (limited to mouse and rat long bones; cortical analysis only. $12.50 per specimen
Plastic embedding – vials (for lager specimens and all microtome sectioning) $30.00 per specimen
Plastic microtome sectioning (thin sections [4 um]; up to 5 slides) $30.00 per slide
Additional slides (up to 5 additional slides) $10.00
Plastic wire saw sectioning – tube, 3 slides  (Cortical bone; includes grinding to appropriate thickness) $12.50 per slide
Plastic wire saw sectioning – vial, 3 slides  (thick sections (~100 um) $30.00 per slide


MMA (Plastic) Staining

H&E MMA (requires demineralization) $2.50 per slide
Special stains (Goldner’s trichrome, von Kossa/MacNeal, TRAP, Toluidine Blue, etc.) $4.00 per slide
en bloc (basic fuchsin) $4.00 per block; for MDX


Other Services

Standard histomorphometry (includes static and dynamic measurement of two sections $125.00 per block
Microdamage Analysis (includes measurement of damage on three sections) $75.00 per block



Tissue cassettes (if not supplied) $0.25 each
EDTA demineralization $6.50 per specimen
Formic acid demineralization $2.00 per specimen



Routine Stains ($1.50 per slide, $15.00 minimum)
Special Stains ($4.00 per slide, $30.00 minimum)
Photomicroscopy (brightfield and polarized light) Available at an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour.
Hematoxylin & Eosin (HE)*  (*Free with paraffin sectioning)
Acidified Toluidine Blue (aTB)
Fast Green – Safranin O (FG/SO)
Goldner’s Trichrome (GT)
Masson’s Trichrome (MT)
Periodic Acid / Schiff (PAS)
Perls Iron (PI)
Toluidine Blue (TB; thick or thin sections)
Tartrate-Resistant Acid Phosphatase (TRAP)
Verhoeff-Van Giesen (VVG)
Von Kossa / MacNeal or Nuclear Fast Red