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Research Requirements

Human Subjects

All research involving human subjects must be HIPAA-compliant and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). For research on surgical pathology specimens originating from Indiana University School of Medicine, the principal investigator (PI) must consult with the Director of Immunohistochemistry before initiating study and provide signed patient consent forms, either copies or the original, authorizing release of materials for research purposes. Thereafter, the investigator can notate the name and number on individual requests.

For research on surgical pathology or autopsy specimens originating from outside institutions, the principal investigator must code the paperwork, blocks or slides so that patient identifiers are not visible to the technicians and pathologists handling the specimens.


All research involving animals must be IACUC-approved. If paraffin-embedding of formalin-fixed tissues/organs is requested, the investigator must orient samples in plastic cassettes and deliver them to the Research Immunohistochemistry Lab (IU Health Pathology Bldg, Rm 4001A, 350 W 11th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202).