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The Clinical Research Centers (CRCs) are a component of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (an Indiana University School of Medicine Institute). There are three CRCs offered through the Indiana CTSI on the IUPUI campus. One is at IU Health University Hospital, one at Riley Hospital for Children, and the third is at the Neuroscience Center of Excellence in Goodman Hall.
Clinical Research Center Collage

Clinical Research Centers

The Indiana Clinical Research Center (ICRC), where groundbreaking medical discoveries come to life! As an integral part of the Indiana Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI), we have been at the forefront of clinical research since its establishment in July 1962, backed by unwavering federal funding. IUPUI campus Program Director, Dr. Scott Denne, has been leading the team since 2008, building upon the impressive legacy of Dr. Munro Peacock. Spanning across the state, our four state-of-the-art facilities offer unrivaled resources, empowering both investigators and participants to embark on an exciting journey toward transformative breakthroughs.

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IU University Hospital exterior shot

University Hospital Clinical Research Center

The University CRC is a dedicated facility within the IU Health University Hospital. The unit includes ten inpatient and 14 outpatient rooms, full nursing services with 24/7 capability, dietician support, and high-quality research sample processing. In addition, the newly formed Phase I unit, along with medical directors and coordinators, is also located here. The University CRC supports over 5000 inpatient and outpatient subject visits per year.

Riley Hospital Exterior shot

Riley Hospital Pediatric Clinical Research Center

To provide better support for pediatric investigators and improved access for children to participate in studies, a dedicated children’s clinical research center was constructed within Riley Hospital for Children with the support of an NIH construction grant; the center opened in mid-2013. The center contains nine outpatient rooms and is served by a receptionist and a medical assistant. The unit supports over 2000 pediatric visits per year.

Goodman Hall exterior shot

Goodman Hall Neuroscience Clinical Research Center

Goodman Hall is the home of IU Health Neuroscience Center of Excellence, which brings together clinical neuroscience specialties (Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry), special clinical and research imaging capabilities, and basic and clinical neuroscience research laboratories. To serve these investigators and their unique patient population (especially those with Alzheimer’s Disease), a five-room outpatient clinical research center was opened in late 2013. It is staffed with outpatient nursing, dietary services and supports over 800 subject visits per year.

Clinical Research Center Facility Details

5th Floor of University Hospital
550 University Blvd
Indianapolis, IN 46202


  • 13,606 sq. ft. area
  • 10 Inpatient beds
  • 14 Outpatient rooms
  • Metabolic kitchen
  • Sample processing lab for study team utilization


  • 7 ACLS, PALS certified RNs
  • Medical assistant
  • OP receptionist
  • Part-time dietitian

University Hospital CRC site collage

2nd Floor, Riley Children’s Hospital
705 Riley Hospital Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46202


  • ~18,000 sq. ft. area
  • Nine exam rooms
  • Two behavior/interview rooms
  • Intake room
  • Large waiting room
  • Specimen processing area
  • Workspace for research staff


  • Outpatient receptionist
  • Medical assistant

Riley's Childrens Hospital CRC collage

5th Floor of Goodman Hall
355 West 16th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202


  • 3705 sq. ft. area
  • Three infusion rooms
  • Two large exam rooms
  • EEG Testing
  • Specimen processing area
  • Kitchen
  • Workspace for research staff
  • Patient consult room


  • Full-time medical assistant
  • Registered nurse, upon request

Goodman Hall Neuroscience CRC collage site

With the special expertise of the Purdue Department of Nutrition, comprehensive dietary services are provided in all 4 clinical research services, as well as to study protocols that require these services but are conducted outside the facilities. 

Research coordinator services are available to investigators who require support for conducting studies in IU Health hospitals outside the CRC facilities. A similar group of pediatric research coordinators is available to support studies in children. The Phase I Unit is supported by two dedicated research coordinators. All coordinator services are accessible by a central system, and services are financially supported by individual studies. The research coordinator group supports over 200 protocols per year.

Indiana CTSI Research Recruitment Office

Since its establishment in 2010, the CTSI Human Subjects Research Recruitment Office (RRO) has been dedicated to helping Indiana CTSI investigators successfully identify and recruit participants for clinical trials. As a part of the Indiana CTSI, the Research Recruitment Office consists of a team of nine experienced staff members with over 14 years of recruitment expertise. This office provides comprehensive support to researchers, from pre-award planning to participant recruitment.

Regenstrief Institute is the central point of access to the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), which contains over 15 billion observations for more than 18 million individuals since its inception, aids the RRO in determining potential patient eligibility for research trials based on specific criteria. By leveraging the information within the INPC, the RRO can approach eligible patients during their clinic appointments. Indiana CTSI investigators can request a complimentary patient eligibility assessment for clinical trials through the RRO and INPC. To approach and consent individuals for research trials, the RRO employs ResNet, a network of highly trained clinic-based personnel who actively recruit and screen patients in primary care clinics staffed by Eskenazi and IU Health. ResNet effectively matches eligible patients with the clinic's appointment system, facilitating efficient recruitment. Since 2000, ResNet has successfully recruited over 21,500 patients for more than 64 studies, supported by extramural grants totaling over $22 million. Notably, approximately 68% of the patients approached were African-American or Hispanic, highlighting the RRO's ability to recruit from diverse populations.

In addition to ResNet, the RRO maintains a volunteer recruitment registry called, available to all Indiana University investigators. This registry, established in 2011, aims to engage Indiana residents interested in participating in research conducted at various Indiana CTSI-affiliated institutions. By providing information about ongoing research studies at Indiana University, the registry encourages community involvement in research. is a free resource offered by the Indiana CTSI to assist researchers in finding willing volunteers for their studies. Researchers utilizing the volunteer registry collaborate with the Indiana CTSI Research Recruitment Office (RRO) to identify the specific individuals needed for their studies. Currently, there are 22,000 registered Indiana residents who have joined the registry in the past 18 months through recruitment efforts in healthcare clinics, health fairs, provider websites, and other media sources. To register, individuals create their own health profiles, which include relevant health information and medication usage, enabling them to connect with investigators and their studies

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Regenstrief front of building

Regenstrief Institute

One of its keys to success is the Indiana CTSI and IU School of Medicine partnership with Regenstrief Institute, world-renowned informatics, and health systems research organization. This partnership allows the Indiana CTSI and its investigators to reach a large number of patients receiving care in Central Indiana. The CTSI Human Subjects Research Recruitment Office (RRO) accomplishes this through work with Regenstrief Institute. It is responsible for developing and maintaining the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), the country’s largest health information exchange in which data from hospitals, physicians’ offices, pharmacies, and labs, are sent to and stored in a central data repository.

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Phase 1 Clinical Research Services

Phase 1 research is a strong component of both the Indiana University Hospital CRC and the Neuroscience CRC. There is one CRC research coordinator dedicated to Phase I, non-oncology studies. The CRC Quality Manager oversees the standard operating procedures, assists with internal and external assessments and audits, and monitors protocol compliance. The CRC nursing and administration staff support the Phase I studies at both facilities.

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