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Facilities on the Terre Haute campus offer amenities to make it easier for students to complete academic work, manage life tasks and relax.

Medical Student Facilities

For first-year medical students in Terre Haute, the learning environment revolves around Holmstedt Hall on the campus of Indiana State University. The center has one hallway on the first floor designated for use by IU School of Medicine. Here, faculty and students can find a student lab, lecture hall, seminar room and computer lab. The lounge is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, TV, foosball table, lockers and sofas. These facilities are available 24 hours a day.

Second-year medical students spend most of their time at the Landsbaum Center for Health Education, located near Union Hospital about eight blocks north of Indiana State University. IU School of Medicine-Terre Haute has its own wing on the first floor of the building, which includes a lecture hall, clinical exam rooms, lounge and computer lab. Landsbaum also has several rooms in the library and a few conference rooms that can serve as private study rooms. These facilities are available to students 24 hours a day via code access.

Students on this campus have only a short walk to a gym, cafeteria and other resources near the hospital.

Work and Study Space

The Terre Haute campus offers a great selection of places to study, including ideal locations for single student or group study. Landsbaum Center for Health Education is a popular study spot on campus. This is where second-year students have most of their classes, but first-year students are welcome to study at the center, too, especially if Holmstedt Hall becomes too distracting.

Other locations include the medical library, which has a good selection of clinical and reference books as well as a respectable list of periodicals. The library is small, but it is a comfortable place to study. The Science Building, next to Holmstedt Hall, has many areas with sofas, tables and chairs which make comfortable study spots. Another good option on campus is Cunningham Memorial Library of Indiana State University, located just north of Holmstedt Hall. The library is open until midnight on weeknights and has a coffee shop. Off campus, the Vigo County Public Library, on the corner of 7th Street and Poplar Avenue, is a terrific place to study. All medical students also have access to all online resources, such as MedLine and various online textbooks, through the Ruth Lilly Medical Library.

Housing and Other Personal Space

Each medical student at the Terre Haute campus has a locker to secure their valuables and a mailbox. University housing is not available to medical students at the Terre Haute campus, but the city offers homes for sale or rent for most any budget. The rural areas are full of little-known properties off the beaten path for those who enjoy living in the country.