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Duncan leads quest to end health disparities in lung cancer

Francesca Duncan, MD, is determined to end disparities in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer—the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States.

Laura Gates  |  Nov 02, 2023

Distinguished Alumni Slaughter


Stories and reflections written by IU School of Medicine alumni.
Medical Team


Explore ethical issues related to medical research and patient care.
Bone Healing

Bone Healing in Space

Innovative research 250 miles above the Earth’s surface aboard the International Space Station.
Breast Cancer Research

Breast Cancer Research

Follow the work of world-class researchers as they discover life-saving treatments for breast cancer patients in Indiana and beyond.
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Cancer Research

Discover more about the important work of the nearly 250 world-class researchers at the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center.
KCVRC investigators review a heart image.

Cardiovascular Medicine

Read about the latest innovations happening in cardiovascular medicine across IU School of Medicine.
Dean Jay Hess

Direct from the Dean

Hear directly from Jay L. Hess, MD, PhD, dean of IU School of Medicine.

Emergency Medicine LeadER

News about faculty, residents and staff in the Department of Emergency Medicine.
Faculty News

Faculty News

Find news about IU School of Medicine faculty, including new hires, awards, initiatives and other announcements.
Global Health

Global Health

IU School of Medicine has a proud tradition of medical research, education and patient care in resource-limited areas.
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Grad Student Life

Graduate students are the backbone of medical research at IU School of Medicine. Read news, updates and accomplishments of these scientists.

House Staff Life

Insights and news from the IU School of Medicine’s nearly 1,200 residents and fellows.
Indiana Health

Indiana Health

IU School of Medicine is committed to improving health in Indiana. Read stories and updates about this critical work.
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Internal News

News about research, opportunities, kudos and partners for IU School of Medicine faculty and staff.
IU Medicine Magazine

IU Medicine Magazine

Read the latest stories from the School of Medicine’s alumni and donor magazine.

MD Student News

Get important news for medical students, including updates about medical student council, curriculum and student affairs.
MedEd Matters

MedEd Matters

This blog provides valuable teaching information for IU School of Medicine faculty.
Medical Library

Medical Library

Get updates from the Ruth Lilly Medical Library about resources, technology in medical education, special events and more.
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IU School of Medicine is a national leader in neuroscience research and a driver of local and global collaboration and innovation.
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Updates from the Pathology Laboratory about department news, resources, special events and more.


Explore the world of pediatrics from clinical innovations and research discoveries to the personal experiences of residents and faculty.
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Precision Health

Precision health uses genetics as the basis for discovering better treatments, cures and preventions for some of the world’s most dreaded diseases.

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Postdoc Life

Information by postdocs for and about postdoc life at IU School of Medicine, providing insights, resources, news and other announcements.
Rare Disease Research

Rare Disease Research

Discover how faculty investigators and researchers are making an impact on the discovery and treatment of rare diseases.
Research Updates

Research and Discovery

Updates and insights about the latest basic, translational and health policy research at IU School of Medicine.
Research: Medical Education

Research: Medical Education

IU School of Medicine faculty and trainees involved with medical education research share their findings and news about recent events.
Science Careers

Science Careers

Unique perspectives on the many pathways and careers of people with PhDs.
Spirit of Medicine

Spirit of Medicine

Everyone in the IU School of Medicine community–students, staff, faculty, donors, alumni and more–are motivated by the spirit of medicine to...
Strategic Voices

Strategic Voices

Get insight straight from IU School of Medicine leaders about the school’s working and learning environment.
Global Health

Student Life

IU School of Medicine students offer advice and insight about medical school, based on their personal experience.


Find out what’s happening with the faculty, residents and staff of the Department of Surgery.
trainees in internal medicine listen intently

The Beat

News and stories from the Department of Medicine’s preeminent clinicians, educators and researchers.
Women in Medicine

Women in Medicine

The Women in Medicine blog is a platform for the voices of our women faculty, trainees, and staff to be heard.

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Aaron E. Carroll, MD, MS

Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Aaron Carroll is a Professor of Pediatrics and Associate Dean for Research Mentoring at Indiana University’s School of Medicine, and Director of the Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Comparative Effectiveness Research.

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Director of Student Financial Services

Jose is the director of financial aid at IU School of Medicine. He speaks and blogs regularly about financing medical education.

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